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For every referral, you get $20 credit for service or product
Refer 25 friends, and get $600 (half-year membership) OR credit for service or product


Refer a friend or colleague to Truman’s and we will gladly thank you with store credit! The below form will allow you to refer up to 5 friends; they will recieve an email from you which invites them to visit Truman's and receive 25% off their first service. Once he comes in and mentions your name, your account will automatically be credited with $20 and you will receive an email for each credit earned.

[note: this will be an email directly from you to your friends, and no information will be collected. We only collect client information in person if permission is granted.]

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Once you click submit, there will be a standard note sent from you to each of your friends referring them the Truman's. If you would like to add a personal note as well, please feel free to do so below:

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Dear John

If you have never been to Trumans before, I want to pass along this referral. I am a client there and I think it is a place you should consider trying. They are a high end barbershop / salon that offers top quality haircuts, straight-edge shaves and spa services. Check out the website for more information ( If you print this email or mention my name at the time you book, you will receive a 25% off your first service at Trumans. You can also go to their online reservation form at and set up an appointment there.

[Your personal message here]